Mission (Purpose) Statement

“We strive to awaken the giant potential that is inherent in each person who desires to be the absolute best, just as Christ declared us so”. Nothing less


To challenge, change, influence and position lives through preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Challenge & Change

This means that we avail our hearts totally to the leading, conviction and guidance of the Holy Spirit. No man can ever change from his carnal state to that of being spiritually minded until the Holy Spirit, through the word has convicted that person. It is only when the word convicts us, thus challenging us that the process for change begins.


Over and above uncompromising teaching of the gospel, there are lives that we won’t need to share a word with but influence through our journey of perfection. Right living will be key to all at JR, in order to be that walking light and salt to the world. When our lives are practical testimony to kingdom truths, half the “Great Commission” assignment will be won.


Every human being was born with a Divine purpose, having been given dominion over all, except other human beings. This state, as declared by heaven over all of humanity calls and demands attention. The quest for greatness cries out in every person, at different levels. It is in this belief that as a church, we know that we are positioned to facilitate this positioning so that each person who walks with us manifests the right space and the effectiveness thereof. Peace that surpasses understanding is birthed from a state of alignment and it is this alignment that we seek to achieve in every person who comes into contact, as part of the family of JR.


In our pursuance of excellence, through Divine wisdom, the following values shall guide our behaviour:

Free Spirit

We are a youthful creation, youthful in spirit, willing to impart this excitement to those we come in contact with. The excitement of our journey remains a critical part to our hunger and yearning for all that God Divinely purposed for us.


We have an insatiable love for God and for all those that God will touch through the church. Love is non-judgemental, but neither is it oblivious of behaviour that may violate the righteousness of God. Love is honest, gentle, can be tough, is accountable and always puts others first.


God resides where there is humility. We shall be humble in our dealings with one another, respecting the Spirit of God that is in the inside of every soul. In humility, we each give our all, the best way we know how. In humility, we acknowledge where we are and thus our need for growth so that we become relevant to the vision God has for JR.


We shall accept one another, for who we are and with our different backgrounds and experiences. Acceptance shall be our key to unlock doors of pain, rejection, hopelessness and any other limiting state imposed by the enemy.


Excellence in all that we do shall inspire others and it shall be the standard by which we pursue our duties. God’s creation was done on the principle of excellence, so shall we conduct and act accordingly.