In the heart of Jozi is a piece of land bought by the Mabaso family [Apostle & Prophetess Mabaso]called; Prayer City Holy Land. This land boasts of 23 hectares, huge indeed! Interestingly though is that this land was bought with one purpose; to build a city for the kingdom of God. The bigger dream is to build a city where Christians from all walks of life shall come and spend time with and seek God in a Divine retreat. A variety of spiritual programs and activities shall be made available 365 days a year. This city shall boasts of a 5000 seated auditorium, prayer cubicles, a clinic with qualified medical doctors, shops, sleeping dormitories for larger groups, private chalets as well as a hotel.


Prayer City Holy Land is about an hour’s drive from Johannesburg and Pretoria. History informs us that this place is where humanity began, about 3 million years ago. This Holy land is 5 minutes away from the Sterkfontein caves, which are a serious tourists attraction to those that love history.

Prayer City

Mission (Purpose)

Prayer City Holy Land exists to make available a place and a time where Christians from all walks of life, shall come to seek the face of God as well as establish the foundation for learning, thus facilitate holistic growth for mankind.


To create a multi-faceted spiritual retreat facility from which the manifold wisdom of God shall come to pass, making it possible for Christians to grow to the levels declared by God over their lives.

Current activities

This place is already busting with life as there are services on Sundays and on Tuesdays. Large group conferencing/ prayer and teachings already take place here. The clinic will also be resuscitated this year after it was temporarily closed due to lack of funding.

The How to get this dream alive

If you believe in what you have already seen [been to the holy land], and believe in the visionaries behind the dream, do not hesitate to contact us so that you know more about the holy land and its development. Your support financially, with your skills and resources will go a long way.
Be a part of this dream city development and see God bless you!