About The School

Why is it called a “prophetic” school?

The prophetic realm is rarely understood. And because of this lack of understanding, it has been hijacked by many who are not necessarily Prophets, but have raised themselves as prophets. Because of this “stigma”, many have shied away from the very foundations of how God used to speak and still speaks through His prophets.

But who is a prophet and who is allowed to prophecy? While the prophetic realm is wide, it is a biblical fact that the very word of God is prophetic and that every believer can prophesy according to the word of God. An in-depth study of the word, is sure to bring about revelations because behind the word is the Holy Spirit through whom the saints get what is in the heart of God. If this understanding prevails in the inner man of believers, they will know that any in-depth search of scriptures renders their hearts conducive to hear from the Lord. And that “spiritual hearing” is a prophetic realm. So the school is called a prophetic school because it is intended to go deep into the word, to the degree that the students’ inner being is “flooded” with the being of God, thus facilitating the hearing with one’s ears of the spirit at God’s voice.

Surely the Sovereign LORD does nothing without revealing His plan to his servants the prophets [Amos 3; 7].

Its Key Objectives

The school is aimed at achieving inter-alia the following outcomes:

  • Understanding the prophetic real and its role in the body of Christ and nations at large
  • Exploring the conditions necessary for one to hear the voice of God
  • The role of the Holy Spirit in the administration of the gifts of God which underpin the prophetic
  • Deeper study, searching of scriptures that will surely lead to the hidden treasures, the revelations, wisdom and understanding packed in the word of God
  • Clarity on each student’s calling

Who should attend and why

  • Any believer in Jesus Christ
  • Pastors and those in leadership positions wanting to grow in the Lord
  • Believers who want to understand the prophetic realm
  • Believers who desire for confirmation of their calling and how they can nurture their calling

Its curriculum

See details of the subjects to be covered at the school. Minimum entry requirements The following process outlines what you would have to do to see yourself in class: jr-prophetic-school-curriculum

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